Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's not redistribution, its re-redistribution

I caught a McCain clip from a late-week rally on AirAmerica yesterday.

"My friends, he wants to redistribute your income."


Yes, the is the latest McCain meme, and he's going to ride it for all it's worth. When Obama used the term in the last debate, McCain's eyes lit up like a Nike exec watching that slow-motion logo-roll of Tiger's putt.

But, it's horseshit. A progressive tax system isn't redistribution of wealth. It's a re-redistribution. It's a correction of economic policies that drive money upward, that have been making the rich richer and the poor poorer, and eroding the middle-class. This from the San Francisco Chronicle in September, based on Census Bureau data:

The rich-poor gap also widened with the nation's top one percent now collecting 23 percent of total income, the biggest disparity since 1928, according to the Economic Policy Institute. One side statistic supplied by the IRS: there are now 47,000 Americans worth $20 million or more, an all-time high.

The rich have been feeding off the blood of the working-class, feeling somehow entitled to it all the while. The reality is that it has less to do with the dazzling brilliance of the nation's economic elite than it does the Right's need to dole out endless handjobs.

And, the thing that kills me, and for which the Republicans should be ashamed (in that they actually bank on the ignorance of their base when crafting campaign rhetoric), is that for the vast majority of the people attending McCain's rallies, this isn't even vaguely true. Most would do better under Obama's tax system than McCain's.

And McCain knows all of this and will keep spouting his bullshit, commie-baiting line anyway.

It's a hell of a trick the GOP has pulled off, getting millions to rabidly act in contradiction of their own best interest.

San Francisco Chronicle: Census shows widening wealth gap in U.S.

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Deni said...

Good damn post JJ.

The right is A-OK with redistributing wealth as long as it goes to the haves.

Try to help the little guy and you are a fucking pinko.