Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, November 3rd: Smack A Whippersnapper Upside The Head Day

Given the Progressive's propensity for getting complacent once they think things are going well, one should be more than a little leery of stories touting early voting leaning heavily towards Obama; simply because we can not let up. (Feel hopeful, fortified, sure, just not relieved.) Earlier this week Olbermann cited an early voting exit poll showing that while 48% had voted for Obama, 47% voted for McCain, in other words, it's still too early to reliably assume anything.

The early voting reportage has been good for some incredibly touching stories that likely would've been lost in the election day coverage, such as this one about a 109 year old daughter of a slave voting for the first African-American major party presidential nominee; or this tear-jerker that strikes a generational chord. Beautiful stories both.

But then, you read about how the young 'uns haven't been showing up to the early votes, and while it isn't panic inducing, it does get one's dander up. Granted, the youth vote is likely to show up on election day itself, but still: Traditionally, the youth vote under performs.

Which is why I propose to make the day before the election, this coming Monday, National Smack A Whippersnapper Upside The Head Day. Beyond the satisfaction of smacking a whippersnapper upside the head, you get to engage the turks and pester them to vote. Pretty simple, really. Please note: Said smacking doesn't have to be literal, okay?

TPM is keeping a Guide to GOP Voter Suppression regularly updated, worth looking into.

Lastly, the GOP has predictably decided to go after the Jeremiah Wright angle. Classy.

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