Friday, January 2, 2009

Sen. Kennedy (NY), We Presumed All Along

Despite hemming and hawing and still cautioning from New York Governor David Paterson, the Associated Press reports that he's chosen Caroline Kennedy to fill incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's senate seat.

Speaking to reporters at the Executive Mansion Thursday, Paterson said he's intended all along to select a candidate with long-term interest in the job, not some... "caretaker" (Jack Torrance from the Overlook anyone?) who would simply keep the seat warm until a special election in 2010.

Kennedy has taken mucho flak from naysayers who have questioned her lack of experience, although I think otherwise. She's a KENNEDY. Imagine all those family functions and dinners. What the hell's the topic of conversation, used cars?

Next up for the DNC is finding a job for Amy Carter. Ouch, babe!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: In No Particular Order

01/03/08: Obama wins Iowa
Obama's winning in a largely white rural state forced the MSM to think of a world without a President Clinton. That her campaign wasn't hitting on all cylinders didn't help her cause (though look at her now). Everything that followed was in some way a reaction to this moment. What better way to start the year than with a wake up call? - thebeigeone

03/24/08: Clinton "Mispeaks"
So, you've won a few primaries, you're showing you're a competitor, and the people are picking up on your foreign experience. You start talking about a previous diplomatic trip, and let's just say you stretch the facts a little, not thinking that anyone would check up on it, and they do. Oops. Obama remains stoic. - thebeigeone

8/08/08: Summer Olympics in Beijing Opens
Ah now, how clever. Get it? Eight/8/oh-eight. Amid all the "mind-blowing" hoopla and pomp-and-circumstance de rigueur with Olympic openings, freedom of speech was severely restricted, if not oppressively squashed by the totalitarian, Communist government. Two septuagenarians were sent to labour camps to be "re-educated," and promises that demonstrations would be allowed to go ahead without hindrance were reneged upon. Business as usual for the comrades in the Central Committee. A short while ago, the IOC formally commended China for a successful Games---a veritable slap in the face to human rights supporters. Make no mistake, there is a world of difference between Progressive Socialism and Communism. Ask an Englishman. And then go ask a Cuban who's being re-educated for just whistling in Fidel's (or Raul's) direction -- (S)wine

8/29/08: McCain chooses Sarah Palin as his running mate
This one literally writes itself. Senator John McCain throws a few names in a jar, pulls one out, and we're off to the races. Some disgruntled Hillary supporters sell their souls, a lot of Joe Sixpacks and the Plumbers find their spiritual leader, and Vladimir Putin shakes in his boots. - anna

11/26/08 Mumbai Under Terrorist Siege
At least 173 people were killed and 308 injured in the nighttime, terrorist attacks on India's financial capital and its largest city. While we all gave thanks to god-knows-what and overdosed on tryptophan with fatty gravy, Pakistani terrorists using automatic weapons and grenades wreaked havoc on the Taj Mahal Palace hotel and eight other sites before being subdued by Indian commandos. Ajmal Amir, the only terrorist (of ten) who was captured alive, disclosed that the attackers were members of Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Pakistan-based militant organization, considered a terrorist organization by India, the United States, and the United Kingdom, among others. This is yet another tragic example debunking the Bush administration's excuse (Fear) for its awful governance and abuse of power. No American, or other citizen for that matter, is safe from terrorism anywhere. Those who believes otherwise and vote based on the security platform are being sold a suspension bridge in Brooklyn. -- (S)wine

12/22-ish/08 Bush & Cheney Give Exit Interviews
After eight years of disastrous commanding-in-chiefing, Bush and Cheney leave the White House sounding strikingly different notes. Bush sounds reflective, even chastened. He expresses regrets about not achieving an overhaul of immigration laws, and not changing the partisan tone in Washington. Cheney goes down unbowed, defiant to the end: “I feel very good about what we did,” the vice president told The Washington Times, adding, “If I was faced with those circumstances again, I’d do exactly the same thing.”
Thank Shiva for term limits and good riddance! -- (S)wine

12/26/08 Jews vs. Palestinians: Gaza (ch. 674)
What I fear the most is that the incoming administration will get so bogged down in brokering some sort of ceasefire for the historic clusterfuck that has been Gaza, that national issues such as sustainability, changing to a "green" economy, and extricating ourselves from the dependence on oil will take a back seat. Perhaps so much so, that we'll never see a move toward true change. Arab states who have been vociferous and supportive of the Palestinian cause have done absolutely NOTHING to help their brothers. In fact, there's as much criticism from within the Palestinian community for Egypt's refusal to open up their borders to refugees, as there is toward Israel's repeated incursions into Gaza. -- (S)wine

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Barack the Magic Negro"

I wasn't initially appalled when I got word of this piece in the NY Times a couple of days ago. After all the garbage that was slung on the campaign trail by the McPalin consortium, this sort of radical, racist horseshit was par for the course from conservative extremists. I was, however, absolutely flabbergasted that the GOP would give this racist bullshit mixed reviews.

It's unfathomable to me, now almost a decade into the 21st century, that this despicable act is not unanimously condemned by all. "Barack the Magic Negro" (sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon") was distributed by Chip Saltsman, a candidate for GOP party chairman from Tennessee. The offensive jingle was of course broadcast on Rush "Is a Big Fat Idiot" Limbaugh's radio show.

Speaking to The Hill newspaper on Friday, Saltsman described it as a “light-hearted” gift that would be received in “good humor” by members of the Republican National Committee.

Thankfully, more than a couple of important party handfulls---Newt Gingrich and RNC party chairman Mike Duncan among them---have condemned the parody, declaring themselves shocked and appalled. However, on Saturday, black candidate for RNC chairman, J. Kenneth Blackwell (a former Ohio secretary of state) dismissed the hoopla as “hypersensitivity.”

“All competitors for this leadership position are fine people,” he wrote in an e-mail message.

Are they now? I bet they brush their teeth with Darkie Toothpaste and get served breakfast by Mamie The House Negro every morning before they head out to that sacred institution on the Hill to pass their legislative, racist nonsense.

For a party that had huge losses this year among minority voters, this ought to be the last, revolting straw that brings down the house. But fine, call me a humourless twit. I can get down with the best of the cockroaches and play that game too. I move for a counter-version titled "God The Magik Cracka" sung/rapped by Chuck D. from Public Enemy. That ought to take care of all GOP-ers and evangelicals alike, and ensure all-out, Bible-thumping riots throughout this great virtuous land of ours.