Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Osama Fears Obama

A few weeks ago a left-leaning compadre from high school, in his paranoia-induced state regarding the (then) close race, decreed how incredibly damaging it would be to the Obama/Biden campaign if Osama bin Laden put out a new video (as he did close to the '04 election), endorsing the Democratic ticket.
"Impossible," I said.
"Think about it. Al Qaeda throws its support behind Obama calling him something like 'one of our Muslim brothers,' and the voters go crazy with fear, flocking to McCain/Palin."
"That would be..."

And so we left it there, me trying not to think of the un-thinkable; my friend, after all, had a good point. Fast forward to October 22nd, to-day. I scour the Internets for various information and diversion from my daily duties, and come upon this doozy of a story via Associated Press. Turns out my friend was sort of on the right track. Sort of.

If this isn't an endorsement worthy of effectively killing an already flawed and severely wounded campaign, then I am Marshall Applewhite and I'm taking off for the high heavens with my Nike-clad brothers and sistahs (don't ask why Heaven's Gate came to mind while trying to construct this lousy metaphor, it's just what comes out when I open that little iron trapdoor in my cerebellum).

Note how Mark Salter, a senior McCain adviser, acknowledged he had heard about the Web site chatter but had no immediate comment. I imagine that right about now McCain/Palin staffers are dumping all their possessions into cardboard boxes and booking their flights home.

And so we cross another weird hurdle in this savage race. Obama gets endorsed by Colin Powell on Sunday, while McCain grabs the blessing of Al-Qaeda.


the beige one said...

Holy shit. Wonder how that's gonna be spun.

Maybe they'll go with the classic double spin. "What this means is that Osama really really wants Obama to win, because he's trying to trick you into not voting for John."

JJisafool said...

Now my head hurts.

There was a story within a novel, and I'm forgetting which (help?) at the moment, but essentially it was about somehow who always won at a guessing game. And he explained it "Well, if I think they will pick A, I pick A. But if I think they know that, I'll pick B. But if I think they know that I know that they know that, then I'll pick A. But if I think..."

And on.

I dunno that 'Mericans are conditioned to think much past reflex, though.