Friday, November 14, 2008

Interview With Weekend America's John Moe - p.3

SEI: Do you have another book in the works?

JM: Right now I’m talking with a publisher about another book, but that’s not in place...I’ll just say that something is in the pipelines, but nothing is ready to be announced yet. If I get it, I hope to write a funnier and easier book than the first one.

SEI: Yeah?

JM: I did a ton of research for Conservatize Me. Next time, more jokes. Less research. That’s the plan.

SEI: As a recent transplant to the Twin Cities from Seattle, how does the fact that Seattle has had the worst sports year in history impact you?

JM: Being a Seattle sports fan is like getting the lime flavored candy. Nobody wants the lime flavored candy. I’m working on a story right now for Weekend America, about my becoming a free agent NBA fan. I’m putting my loyalty on the market, and see what teams have to offer. So far, I got some feelers from the Timberwolves, the Grizzlies, a couple of other teams.

SEI: They’re starting to talk about bringing another NBA team here.

JM: Jesus, if Seattle gets another team, they will be doing the same thing that was done to them to other NBA fans. That'll suck for those people, just like it did for Seattle.

Then when Oklahoma City Thunder fails, and it will, they will move to Las Vegas, and that will suck for those fans.

And the Mariners, dear God...

SEI: Over $100 million on contracts, over 100 losses.

JM: Then the bottom falls out on the Seahawks this year, Holmgren’s last as their head coach.

I’d say it’s been weird moving out of Seattle, and then having their teams suck so bad. As a sports fan, I feel like the prime example of sports impotency.

I know there’s someone out there right now going “what about the Storm [WNBA's Seattle franchise]? They’re good! They've won a championship!”

SEI: Actually, the Seattle Sounders have been creating a lot of buzz these days.

JM: Oh, right, the Seattle Sounders FC.

SEI: Yeah, the ownership has been doing a good job growing the fan base.

JM: Huh.

SEI: Is there a movie you’d recommend for the current circumstances?

JM: Something to get your mind off of our tempestuous times? Yeah, I just saw this the other day, Stepbrothers.

SEI: Stepbrothers?

JM: Looking at it, you'd think it wouldn't be good. It looks like another Will-Ferrell-acting-dumb movie, but it works really well. It's about the joy of seeing two good comic improvisers, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, who have great chemistry with each other. It's a very very funny movie.

You get the sense that not much thought was put into putting its elements together, but still, Stepbrothers deserves a shot.

Give it a Netflix.

READ: Conservatize Me: How I Tried To Become A Righty With The Help Of Richard Nixon, Sean Hannity, Toby Keith & Beef Jerky, by John Moe; Harper Collins

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