Friday, January 2, 2009

Sen. Kennedy (NY), We Presumed All Along

Despite hemming and hawing and still cautioning from New York Governor David Paterson, the Associated Press reports that he's chosen Caroline Kennedy to fill incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's senate seat.

Speaking to reporters at the Executive Mansion Thursday, Paterson said he's intended all along to select a candidate with long-term interest in the job, not some... "caretaker" (Jack Torrance from the Overlook anyone?) who would simply keep the seat warm until a special election in 2010.

Kennedy has taken mucho flak from naysayers who have questioned her lack of experience, although I think otherwise. She's a KENNEDY. Imagine all those family functions and dinners. What the hell's the topic of conversation, used cars?

Next up for the DNC is finding a job for Amy Carter. Ouch, babe!

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