Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Is Why I Hate On The Media (Beige Remix)

Just adding to the dogpile currently hosted on SEI (let us not forget, the d-bags deserve it):

Toward the tail end of Salon's commentary on O's press conference on Tuesday, Mike Madden notes "(b)arely two months into his term, Obama's honeymoon looks like it's already over."

There was a honeymoon?

Granted, even SEI hasn't resisted the allure of criticising the moves coming out of the Oval Office, but a) we'd do that for any president, regardless of whether we'd support him or not (and we do - I like to think), and b) we're on the blogosphere...On the left end of the blogosphere at that, no one's paying attention to us.

Compare that to the coverage O has received from the mainstream media and the right wing noise machine ("socialist agenda"; the re-rising of Limbaugh the Hut & The Dittoheads, "I want the president to fail"; the Cheney double-standard). And we haven't even seen the results of O's actions yet! This really does bring to stark relief just how different the media behaves when there's a Democrat in the White House.

W got a 6.5 year honeymoon, O didn't make it 64 days.
Tangentially, is it just me, or are the lefty-leaning daily newspapers of the world the ones that are dying off first?

It's certainly true of the Rocky Mountain News (lefty for generally red Colorado), and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (which was as lefty as a Hearst publication could get; RIP both institutions).

What about in your hometown?

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