Saturday, April 11, 2009


Finally, something to lighten the damn mood.   The first dog has arrived.


anna said...

Reneging on a promise to adopt a shelter dog doesn't lighten my mood.

(S)wine said...

I love how "a Washington Post FOOD reporter" was the one pushing and prodding and scratchin' for this story. I mean, the connection is priceless, isn't it?

admiralmpj said...

I think, Anna, because he had to get a specific dog because of Malia's allergy needs, we need to cut the President a little slack. (I say this not as a supporter, but as a sufferer of the same allergies). He had to get a Portie. The odds of finding a Portie in a Shelter? Probably low. (If you find one, lemme know.) I think he split the difference. It's coming with a donation to a local D.C. Shelter (whom I'm sure won't turn down the cash or the publicity). It's not the optimum solution, but its the best he can do. (A metaphor for the trying times we're in.)