Sunday, September 21, 2008

The "Interview"

In case you missed the hard-hitting interview of Sarah Palin by that champion of journalistic integrity, Sean Hannity, I have written a summary of the interview to save you some time. For you types that liked to just read the Cliff's Notes in high school to get straight to the point, here is the whole interview, in a nutshell:

Hannity: Governor, you are just so cool aren't you?

Palin: Yes Sean, I rock.

Hannity: That tax-loving, Muslim, Arugula-eating, elitist Barack Hussein Obama just sucks doesn't he?

Palin: He sure does, Sean.

Hannity: Thanks for coming and answering all my tough questions, Governor.


Anonymous said...

To be fair Deni, kudos to Palin to be able to even understand the questions, with his head so far up her ass and all . . .

JJisafool said...

Hannity: Mmfh mmhhm ffmhf mhmnnfy mhftd mmmnhmn?

Palin: In what respect, Sean?

Verdant Earl said...

Glad I didn't watch it.

I think my head might have exploded with all the douchebaggery going on.

God, I hate Hannity!