Friday, September 26, 2008

Poll Questions For Our Readers

So McCain has announced he will come to the debate, like anyone actually believed it was anything other than political grandstanding to begin with.

The order of topics in the three debates was decided about a week ago, or so. Both Obama and McCain preferred the first one be about foreign policy. Obama wants to prove his chops on something that many Americans for some reason believe him to be weak on, and McCain has delusions of grander about how awesome he is at it. Personally, I can't see how anyone could trust a guy who thought we should have done more bombing of civilians to win the Vietnam war over someone who thinks that maybe a war should be a last resort instead of a first option. But I guess that's just me.

Anyway, I'm curious what people think about the choice of topics tonight. So here are my questions:

Do you think, based on what is going on right now, that they should have moved up the economy debate to tonight, instead of saving it for the final debate?

Or, do you think it is the right decision not to go with that topic during a time when there is a lot of rhetoric and bombastic posturing from politicians in both parties?

Comments please. What do you think and why?


Anonymous said...

Not only has McCain announced he's coming to the debate, he's announced he has won the debate!

see Washington Post

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jim Lehrer has already said that the subject of the financial crisis will definitely come up tonight. He's stated that, given the situation, it's not an off-topic. I still expect the debate to center on foreign policy, overall, though.

B.E. Earl said...

I don't mind them focusing on foreign policy tonight, but like swine said they will certainly hit on the subject of the financial crisis.

JJisafool said...

I think it's too close and too politicized for them to spend a lot of time on the economic situation tonight.

Heard Tom Hartman make an interesting point today: if Republicans fight the package and Dems support it, McCain can tie Obama to Bush and re-paint himself as maverick again. They can claim Obama is sticking the American taxpayers with the bailout bill.

Too often, Hartman's closing comment is true and chilling: The Republicans are playing chess, and the Democrats are playing checkers.

sleepyjer said...

I think Obama's answer to that is easy.

-He has voted against Bush's policies most of the time while McCain has not,
-He reached across the aisle on this, McCain has not.

the beige one said...

They can claim that, but would it stick? Only if we let it.

Let's think about this, if our answer to this bullshit is to complacently shrug and say that this is the nature of the game and it's not our fault that the Dems don't know the proper rules for an en passant move, then we're just as guilty as the Right's ditto-heads for allowing this garbage to happen.

Joe said...

Y'know, I'm betting the economy will still be plenty fucked up by the time that debate rolls around. Stick to the plan, says I.

(Plus, what Swine said.)