Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well done, Guv'nah

I've never been a fan of governors, really. I imagine it has a lot to do with those I've had. I grew up in NY and blame Cuomo's state tax policies for reducing towns like Rochester and Syracuse into post-industrial wastelands with soaring unemployment. When I relocated to Washington, I liked Gary Locke alright, but he was followed by a thrice-recounted election that put that paragon of all inaction associated with Democrats, Christine Gregoire, into office, where she sat motionless for her first term. And though she won re-election with comparable ease, it was after one of the most bumbling, directionless campaigns I've ever seen (she would have lost if not for Obama, I believe).

From Huey Long through Ronald Reagan and Ahnahld right up to and including Sarah Palin, the office of state governor seems to attract a special brand of douchebaggery.

But, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich takes the friggin' cake. Or, have you been absent from this news cycle? I heard it all over Air America this afternoon, and found it quickly on HuffPo once I arrived home.

Well done, Rod. Way to smear your own party through your very affiliation. Extortion, pay-to-play politics, an attempt to sell Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder.

And now it looks likely that his corruption will lead to a special election for Obama's seat, instead of a Democratic apppointment. How disposed to putting a Dem in that seat are Illinois voters likely to be while they're following the continuing investigation of Blagojevich.

I actually can see just one tiny sliver of silver in the dark cloud over Illinois. Perhaps this, combined with Obama's willingness to veer away from prescribed "progressive" politics (see: Cabinet) and his stated goal of ending partisanship, will help lead all of us away from party politics. Because, when it comes right down to it, Dems make just as good criminals as the Elephants do.


(S)wine said...

They sure do. William Jefferson, yea?

Deni said...

I was living in Chicago when he was first elected (I voted for Paul Vallas in the primary), and I have to say I saw this coming. Not the arrest, mind you, but the huge corruption. I just assumed that, like all Illinois bosses, he would get away with it in broad daylight.

But then Patrick Fitzgerald became the U.S. Attorney for Illinois and there is suddenly an honost-to-goodness real law enfocement official in Illnois.

As for the Senate seat...

Hard to explain the Illinois political situation to anybody not from there, but the GOP in that state has been drifting in the wind for almost a decade. They are the ones that had to bring in a crazy loon from another state (Alan Keys) just to have somebody run for the Senate seat against a relatively little-known state senator from the south side of Chicago.

Don't forget the last governor of IL, Republican George Ryan, is sitting in a federal prison himself. The whole Dem/Repub thing doesn't work the same way there as in other states. There is a political combine that involves jackasses from both parties with family and mob connections more important than party affiliation.

Look for the current Attonrney General, Democrat Lisa Madigan, to win that seat if she doesn't take the governor's mansion instead.

(S)wine said...

Aaaah, yes. Alan Keys from my ol' neck of the woods. We love him. He did great in Borat's film, didn't he? He and Babar, I mean...Bob Barr.

As of early this morning there's talk for a special election for the seat. And more details coming to light regarding Bloggo. Like him daring the FBI to wiretap his phones. Idjit!