Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And The Next Senator from NY Is...

Hold your horses. New York governor David Paterson won't say yet. But it will surely be before Saturday, we are told. Apparently he made his decision on Monday afternoon, but he's taking a few more days to mull things over. Percentages are in favor of Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg, but if Paterson is to display real fortitude in the testes he'll go with state attorney general (and possible gubernatorial rival in 2010) Andrew Cuomo.

Personally, I'm rooting for congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand. Yea, I've changed my allegiance, so what? I'm flexible like that.

Here's some fatty-fat on Gillibrand:

-Magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College
-Former lawyer with high powered Davis Polk firm
-Partner for David Boies’ law firm (argued Al Gore’s Supreme Court case in 2000)
-Public service: Worked as a lawyer for President Clinton
-Elected twice by voters in a heavily conservative area
-Champion for abused women

By contrast, Ms. Kennedy has never worked a day as a lawyer; in fact her law license has been expired for a number of years. And while Ms. Kennedy may have endorsed OBama, she hasn't bothered to vote in the majority of both New York City and New York State elections. Not really an old hand at public service is she?

All that being said, however, chances are Ms. Kennedy will waltz into the Capitol as a Senator in a few days---perhaps a product of nepotism courtesy of the still-influential, albeit fading Uncle Teddy. However, she'll have to campaign for her seat in 2010, and go mano-a-mano with serious contenders wielding serious resumés.

Breaking News: Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn from consideration for the vacant Senate seat in New York, according to the NY Times.

Late Wednesday she called Gov. David A. Paterson, and cited her concerns about Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s deteriorating health (he was hospitalized after suffering a seizure during President Obama’s inaugural lunch on Tuesday ), which prompted her decision to withdraw.

So my girl is still in the running!

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Joe said...

Whoops! Looks like things just got more hopeful for Cuomo, et al.