Friday, February 6, 2009

Dangerous Waters you're swimming in...

A question for our Republican friends...

Even though the new President has bent over backwards to be bipartisan, even at the risk of pissing off his own base, he's done so...and you've slapped him in the face for it.

He caved to some of your demands on putting tax cuts into the Stimulus, even though it may be a bad idea.

He's open to trimming some of (but not all) of the size of the Stimulus (it still has to be in the $800 Billion dollar range, though).

And now he's even caved to your (well, Kit Bond's) self-important demand that the CIA Interrogators won't be prosecuted.

Here's my question. What if the Stimulus goes down?

What if it takes Bipartisanship with it?

What's going to save your CIA Interrogators then?

If Stimulus goes down, what incentive is there for the Obama Administration not to declare all out war on the Bush Administration? What's to stop the Justice Department? More importantly (and constitutionally, since its their Stimulus Bill you're pissing on) what's to stop the House?

It's the old Washington saying, the enemy isn't the other party, it's the Senate.

If I were my Republican friends, I'd think long and hard about this.

UPDATE: (3:02pm, Pacific):
Maybe, maybe...never mind...

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sleepyjer said...

It may very well have been a mistake for Obama to be touting his bi-partisan agenda as it seems the right is taking advantage of it.

If Obama had not gone into this talking bi-partisanship, some on the right would have undoubtably been satisfied with the changes.

(S)wine said...

I think there will have to come a time, soon, when he'll just tighten up the rope and be a bit of a hard ass.