Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Irony Check: Karl Rove

People seem to miss the point. The whole thing isn't that if Karl Rove says you're out of line, then McCain must be out of line. No, no.

Karl Rove is the main engineer of this line of politics, he took all of the world's previous smear campaigns and perfected the practice to laser like precision.

He claims that both parties have gone too far, but, come on. Give me an Obama smear ad. Not a negative one, but a smear one. "Obama wants to teach sex ed to kindergartners" that's a smear. If such a thing exists coming from the Obama side, I implore you to provide a link.

The whole lipstick thing is ludicrous, so let's ignore it for the moment.

Karl Rove is a McCain campaign adviser, one with such pull that when Johnny Maverick wanted to nominate either Huckabee or Lieberman, Rove had veto power. You mean to tell me he didn't say "put 'Sex Ed' up the flagpole, see if anyone salutes?"


Besides, "Sex Ed" is just as false, and about as reprehensible, an accusation as Swiftboaters for Truth, Karl Rove's 2004 masterstroke, wherein the same bunch of political charlatans who smeared John McCain over his war record in 2000 decided to smear John Kerry for his war record.

So when Rove says that McCain went too far, what he's really saying is that "Sex Ed" was too obvious a lie to pull off, while selling the previous object of his derision down the river.

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