Sunday, September 14, 2008

End of The Week

To think that a week ago some were thinking that the Republican convention bounce woulnd't be too big, and that the McCain/Palin phenomenon would blow over fairly quickly...Okay, not a lot of people were saying that convincingly, mostly because there was too much in the air, far too many uncertainties hanging about.

A week later, after panicking about that bounce, we've seen the Karl Rove playbook jump the lipsticked-shark (one hopes), Obama rolling with the punches and taking control again, and the week ended with women leading the way, appropriately enough; with the women from The View showing the press how to properly grill a candidate, and the women from Saturday Night Live telling the press to grow a pair.

Speaking of pairs, Karl Rove has a couple of brass ones, the size of melons, and in dire need of kicking...This group needs watching, and the New York Times helped us out on that score with their Saturday front page piece about Palin's tenure in Alaska.

Lastly, a reminder for all of us that we, the people, are the ones in the driver's seat. It's easy to get cynical in the face of manufactured outrage, manipulated talking points and fictionalized news stories; just as these things unify those on the Right, we should use them as our battle cry.

Which is why it is particularly encouraging that two Alaskan Democrats, who happen to be female, organized a protest in Anchorage in spite of facing ridicule and harassment. It turned out to be one of the biggest protests in the history of Alaska. Congratulations, ladies!

Now, let's see what next week brings.


JJisafool said...

Great NYT article. It is the kind of thing that might sway my ma, a "gut" voter, but that I think my in-laws would find a way to explain away.

Joe said...

Yeah, I read this article yesterday morning and my thought was that Obama should hire somebody in every major American city to stand on a rooftop and read this article through a megaphone non-stop till election day. The shit that this woman did with her power... Kinda chilling to think what she'd do in the White House.

JJisafool said...

Actually, I think we've already seen that. I call it the Bush administration.

the beige one said...

So, how do we convince Mr. Obama-is-Muslim-and-will-be-sworn-in-using-a-copy-of-the-Q'uran of that?

JJisafool said...

Can't do it, dude, and it is a waste of energy to try. I actually think the best you can do with that dumbass is convince him to check "none of the above."

the beige one said...

Seeing as we agree about these voters, can anyone tell me why I'm being asked to care about these folks in article after article after article?