Thursday, September 4, 2008

Speaking of Douchebags

A fucking jerk
All the stripbars
Does not work

-- Le Tigre, "My Metrocard"; airing just two of the list of grievances against "America's Mayor"

Egads, just how much of the Republican National Convention to get into? Wednesday night alone provided so many near aneurysms...I'll give you some links to look into later on, but I wanted to put some focus on this little gambit by Rudy Giuliani:

"How dare they question whether Sarah Palin has enough time to spend with her children and be Vice President? How dare they do that? When did they ever ask a man that question? When?"

Uhm...Who are "they," in this instance? Democrats? Where? Show me a democrat saying Palin is unfit to be VP because of her children. No, not those guys. The Liberal Media? Give us one example. No, nothing there.

In fact, they can't really produce a single example that's not someone on the fringes mouthing off about Palin...Though I heard rumor that someone like Maureen Dowd (right-wing pundit) did attack her from this standpoint, but until I find concrete proof, I can only say it's a rumor.

So, let's turn Rudy's "they" into a historical "they." Let's see, who would have the gall to question another politician's leadership ability by using her gender and parental role in a family?

Republicans, that's who, and with this, Rudy just adds to the already long list of hypocrisy on display during this week's convention. The one person who is actually the least experienced of the four is mocking those with more experience. The woman who is running on the premise that she takes on the "good ol' boys" network is extolling those virtues to the party pretty much comprised of nothing but "good ol' boys." And Giuliani, not exactly known for his progressive feminist agenda, is damning the generally sexist political atmosphere that his own party created.

Jon Stewart says it in a much funnier manner:

HuffPo's Bob Cesca runs a Live Blog of the RNC.

Oh, and a Republican Congressman from Georgia calls Obama "uppity." Gotta love this party.

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