Saturday, September 6, 2008

And They're Off!

- We're less than two months away from the finish line, the two campaigns have just shifted into third gear, and things are going to be tight, at least until the debates. Take a gander at this piece from today's New York Times to give yourself a good idea of the narratives we'll be seeing in the weeks ahead.

- Keep McCain visible. If there's anything to take away from the RNC, it's that Palin has not only become a lightning rod for the nation's attention, she is also serving as something of a smokescreen for McCain to hide behind. Which is not to say that the Dems should ignore Palin, just that they can't let the race simply come down to Obama v. Palin.

- Palin has proven she's not a meek little flower. She's dubbed herself a pitbull with lipstick, her nickname is Barracuda, and she's done nothing but mock the opposition while offering nothing substantive in return. She should be treated as an equal, and if the right then claims sexist treatment (as I'm sure they will), counter with "if Hillary could take it, so should you."

Currently, the Reps have scheduled her on what is, in essence, a book tour. Interviews with local TV stations all over the US, and nothing with the far-from-rabid pundits of the Sunday morning press shows. That has to stop, and as soon as it does, those same pundits can't be soft-balling questions to her.

- JJ and I may disagree over what exactly Salon's Glenn Greenwald is recommending in his recent essay, but I believe there's one thing we agree on: The Dems can't afford to not be aggressive.

- Where are Joan Walsh's "I'm concerned about Sarah Palin's pastor problem" essays? Palin also needs to be strung up on her church's gay conversion policy.

- Should the Enquirer's early reports that Palin had an affair with her husband's business partner be true, how to best exploit this information? My advice, simply let the press have a field day with it. (By the way, this essay provides the best explanation for why the Enquirer is being taken seriously on these issues these days.)

- I must confess that I get a little squeamish when Obama caters to the Center. I understand it's necessary, but does he really have to say that the Surge was an unmitigated success when we all know that's not truly the case? (Yes, he does, because there are plenty among the independents who'd see it as some sort of betrayal not to do so. Sigh.)

- All I ask is that O'Biden throws us the occasional bone with meat on it. Biden's statement earlier in the week saying that they might pursue criminal charges against Bush/Cheney is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Seeing as you're talking about it, though, it'd be nice if y'all would actually follow through.

Bush/Cheney have done plenty to deserve criminal charges. There's no need to even go further down that avenue.

- "Palin's more experienced than Obama." Please. Though I'd pay to see her in the South Side of Chicago, amidst pissed off union workers who've been screwed over by Reaganomics, trying to make that all work.

- Obama has run a smart, impressive, if imperfect, campaign thus far. Every time it seems like he's adrift at sea, he comes back with something impressive and redeeming.

I would love to see this trend continue well into November.

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B.E. Earl said...

She may be the barracuda, but Ann and Nancy Wilson would prefer that they stop using that song.

And I've heard that we won't see any...not any interviews with Palin before the election. Apparently they are too mean to her. Bullshit.