Thursday, September 4, 2008


Welcome to The Savvy, The Extreme & The Idealist. Here is where a few of us (three at the moment, maybe more added later, maybe not) will write our observations, critiques and rants about the upcoming election and politics in general. We welcome and encourage all comments.

While all three of us that are planning to post on this blog would admit to being on the left side of the political spectrum, we do come from three different places in life. One of us is a married guy with a young child. Another is also married with his first, and only, child on the way, due about three weeks before the election. (Which, unfortunately, means my daughter will be born during the Bush administration) And the other is a swingin' single, but also the non-whitey of us.

That should give us some variation in the perspective around here.

Tell your friends to check us out.

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JJisafool said...

And the married guy with the young child also has a wife in day 3 of a migraine, and so hasn't been able to even watch the damn speeches of the last two days yet.

Other than snippets of Palin playing the "tough bitch" card.