Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ayers Issue Is So Silly

Well despite all of the talk about toning down the attacks on Obama, there doesn't seem to be an end to the "palling around with terrorist" nonsense. McCain, in an interview on CNN on Sunday, called Ayers "A person who still wants to destroy America."

What the fuck?

Has McCain fallen so far down the rabbit hole that he cannot climb out? He is now promising to bring up the Ayers-Obama "connection" at the debate.

I swear at this point I feel like I'm watching a movie like Bob Roberts instead of a real presidential campaign.

Some of the best perspective on the Ayers thing has been written by Eric Zorn, one of my favorite newspaper columnists in the Chicago Tribune. Today he came out with this piece, which is something of a summary of some earlier blogs he wrote about it. Check out those two posts, called What the meaning of `is' is and Question for Ayers alarmists: Where were you in the 1990s? Eric also does a great job of engaging those who leave comments on his blog and keeping everything levelheaded, reasonable, intellectual and fact-based. He's great and slapping down people's arguments by using facts and his brain, two things sorely missing from the dialogue in so many other outlets.

His blog at the Trib is great and he posts constantly.

Also see Factcheck.org's write-up on the McCain ads about Ayers for info you might need when trying to talk down your moderate or right-leaning family member.

I'm hoping that this backfires on McCain, and I suspect that it will. Any other time this may get some traction. But I think even the stupid people in this country don't want to hear about some old hippy when our economy is tanking and we are bleeding jobs.


Verdant Earl said...

Part of me wouldn't mind seeing Obama and his people bring up McCain's ties to G. Gordon Liddy. Just as much of a "domestic terrorist" as Ayers was and even more un-apologetic. And closer to McCain than Ayers is to Obama!

But then I calm down and think that two wrongs don't maka right and I want him to just move on.

I would so lose a national election if I ran, huh?

JJisafool said...

I can't believe that McCain is still trying to push this. Bloody fucking ridiculous.

There goes all the back rubs he was getting from Brokaw yesterday about he's switching back to a kinder, gentler, more-integrity John McCain just because he managed to correct a woman spouting blatant lies at one of his rallies.