Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Voter Suppression Efforts Continue

This is just sad. Voting almost completely along party lines, the 6th Circuit court sided with Republicans to force the Ohio secretary of state to give a list the names of people with (sometimes really small) discrepancies on their voter-registration to the local election officials so partisan party hacks can challenge their right to vote.

This could lead to the disenfranchisement of up to 200,000 voters. And it does nothing to stop voter fraud, as there is no evidence there is any attempt at fraud going on.

The GOP knows no shame when it comes to trying to take away the right of citizens to vote.

At least this year, unlike 2004, there is a secretary of state in Ohio who wants to try to allow as many people to vote as possible. What a concept the Republicans don't seem to like.

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Anonymous said...

It's un-nerving: I've found (thanks to MOC's research and follow-up) that my state miraculously has no record of my vote in the primary a few months ago, nor do they have my paperwork which I filled out at the polls, with my address change for a new voter card.