Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nobody said "Kill him!"

This according to the Secret Service, as reported in Salon's War Room. I'm inclined to agree with Koppelman - when it comes to threats against government officials, the Secret Service don't play.

I think we have to take this to heart, and back completely from that claim lest we collectively become a bit too shrill. That we were willing to believe it was understandable, but also says as much about us as about McCain.

And while it doesn't excuse the shouts of "terrorist" one bit, it does perhaps shift the context of Lewis' remarks and McCain's response to them.

I say all of this because I think we are entering the most dangerous part of the campaign. The debates are over - there won't be anyone across the stage from McCain debunking the bogus claims he now gets to shout ad infinitum at his supporters. McCain is stumbling and bumbling, losing three straight debates, saddled with a ditzy running mate, visibly seething. Wounded underdogs aren't to be taken lightly.

And we have to be careful not to over-reach, leaving our belly open for retaliation. We should take an example from the man we would make leader, and remain calm, confident and defiant, defusing bombs, not lobbing them.

Mr. McCain, you are running a campaign designed to tap into negative emotion, caring little for how close to race-baiting it runs. But I, personally, apologize for being so willing to believe that your rallies had, already, devolved into actual lynch mobs.

Yes, I am familiar with the phrase "damn with faint praise." Why do you ask?


Anonymous said...

Truthfully, I have seen/listened to that piece of tape three times, and I don't hear it. So I'm with you. The "terrorist" and "treason" comments are still deplorable.

the beige one said...

I'm willing to concede the point that the Secret Service don't play, and that they did not find evidence of it being yelled out.

That is all I'm willing to concede.

sleepyjer said...

I'm with TBO here.

I think Mickey C and Failin' were whipping the crowds into a fury using language that fostered suspicion and hate. Though no one could be heard on tape to say "kill him" in no way excuses what they were saying and their unwillingness to control the crowds until Mickey C spoke out late last week.

He gets no apology from me.

Oh, and in case you actually need me to say it . . .damn with faint praise!