Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Live Blogging The VP Debate and Other News

So, yes, as that handy little widget over there on the right correctly advertises, we'll be live blogging the debate. Tip of the hat to SEI follower B.E. Earl for pointing us over to the Cover It Live site, in order to help us avoid the disaster that was the first attempt at live blogging.

Thursday, the SEI team will be represented by Deni and myself. Those who are wondering what has happened to JJ need worry not; he's been experiencing a rather hectic work schedule this week opening a kid friendly version of a zombie classic.

You could sign up ahead of time using the widget, or just drop by while the debate is going on. The Cover It Live interface allows for reader comments.

In the meantime:

- The bailout passed the Senate

- McCain's either talking to the gays and saying pretty much nothing or he's off in Iowa getting increasingly grumpy (to be fair, he does address one of Deni's criticisms against him re: healthcare)

- With the exception of Roe v. Wade, Palin can't think of any landmark Supreme Court cases

- People are giving Biden advice on how to handle the debate (in essence, make her talk lots)

- Tom Brokaw is making me miss the late and great Peter Jennings

- Obama? Well, Obama's just a bad mutha--shut my mouf, even though I was just talking about O.


Anonymous said...

We'll (along with momentofchoice) be here, while watching.

B.E. Earl said...

I was looking forward to liveblogging with you kids, but my girlfriend decided to make the debate tonight an event. We are having two other couples over and I am being forced to cook. Crap!

Deni said...

To be (a little) fair to Palin, she was not asked to name "any landmark decision," she was asked to name any other Supreme Court decision she disagreed with besides Roe. There is a difference.

She still should have been able to, unless she really doesn't disagree with any others. Hey, maybe she didn't have any problem with the Dred Scott decision.