Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin's Debate: Let's Raise The Expectations

For starters, the McCain campaign made sure to alter the format of the debate, in order to ensure it will play to Palin's debating strengths. Meaning less give and take between the candidates, plus a chance to rely on more scripted replies (definitely a plus for the former sportscaster).

Besides, considering her performance as a candidate thus far, could expectations be any lower?

Well, in order to make this argument a bit more convincing, take a look at this sampling of past Palin debate performances.

(via HuffPo, natch.)


Abby said...

Certainly better than her embarrassing performances thus far. This debate may actually may be interesting. When she talks about what she knows, she doesn't cause me as much panic. Damn, I can't WAIT to see this tomorrow night. I'm watching it at a movie theater!

the beige one said...

Abby, she should be making you panic regardless of how she performs or how well she discusses things. Frankly, her record in her home state gives me more substantive chills than any amount of schadenfreude I receive watching her political fumbling.

Gregory Zura said...

I dunno -- she still appears to me to have the ability to recite talking points about comfortable subjects, but given the enormity of the Veep position, given her opponent, and given the fact that she won't be seated behind a table, I think she'll still fumble.

It's one thing to be able to talk about the tax codes of a hardly-populated state (not that Delaware's any better), it's yet another to explain a coherent philosophy of international diplomacy.

Plus, I need some schadenfreude after 7 1/2 years of watching an administration fail upwards. I want blood tonite!