Saturday, October 4, 2008

SEI's One Month Blogiversary

It was one month ago today, while the Republican National Convention was happening, that JJ, Deni and I decided to garner our wandering political focus onto one spot. I'd say we've been pretty successful; each week the numbers manage to surpass the previous week's watermark; our method continues to be honed; and we seem to have gathered a growing number of folks who come in here regularly.

It was fulfilling to see that come to fruition during Thursday's Live Blog. Truly and really, thanks y'all for coming here.

Today also marks the one month mark before the election, and by several accounts it figures to be a brutal one: All that the McCain/Palin camp has to offer now is negative campaigning. That's just on the national level; there's plenty to be wary for on the local level...

It remains up to us, the general concerned public, to do a lot of the leg work in making sure the truth is spotlighted; spreading stories far and wide, putting links and starting conversations on our blogs and online journals.

Anyway, one month until November 4th, let's keep fighting. Please continue to engage us in the comments field and during the live blogs, give us links to anything we may have overlooked, and let's continue growing the movement toward change on the national level.


Joe said...

Happy one-month blogiversary, you glorious, smelly bastards.

anna said...

happy blogiversary! or, more accurately, happy one month of obsessively checking this blog for updates, speedily forwarding articles of interest and import that i've missed, and lying awake at night mulling over our current state of affairs. thanks, i think.