Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin v Biden: Rooting for Goliath

Post Script - Hey, all who participated, how was the experience? I had some problems in general, which may have led to the problems experienced by the others. Noticed that pal Wendigo dropped off about half way through, and a couple of other folks talked of getting booted. Anything else?

Also, going to go through over the next few days and find links for some of the items y'all mentioned. For example, I want to find the item Deni mentioned regarding the person we have inprisoned for spying on the US for Israel.

Anyway, good times, and thanks again for joining us. I think we're on for the next presidential debate.


Verdant Earl said...

Looks like you kids did a great job. Sorry I missed it.

Anonymous said...

It was fun and we didn't have any tech. issues, so a great experience for us (momentofchoice was in on it too)

We'll see you Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

My tech issues were that the chat froze a couple of times and when I refreshed I was unable to get on due to it being at capacaty.

It was fun while it lasted though!

Anonymous said...

There are 2 Americans currently in prison for spying for israel but I haven't found anything about an Israeli caught spying in the US.

One, Jonathan Pollard, was convicted in 1986 and granted Israeli citizenship in 1995. I could not find if he has rejected American citizenship or not.

Stine said...

Wow, I wanna get in on the next one.

anna said...

I couldn't get in at all at the beginning. It said, "This event is currently at capacity. Please try again later." I have to admit: I wasn't disappointed! I was thrilled that people were checking in.

Obviously I did get to check in eventually, but found myself frozen out a few times. Those moments allowed me to focus my full attention on the debate itself. ;)

Stine, you better get in on the next one!

Stef A. said...

I had a great time and the only technical problem I had was a major lag. No biggie.

See you at the next one!

Deni said...

Pollard was who I was referring to as the guy in prison for spying on us for Israel.

I get irked when politicians call Israel our "greatest ally" (like Palin did) when they've been caught spying on us and stealing weapons secrets.

That's why I posted that line.

Oh, and there is a good chance that Bush will pardon Pollard before he leaves office...