Sunday, September 7, 2008

Die Harry & Louise! Die!

So Harry and Louise are back. You remember them, right? They were the 40ish middle class couple in the ads made by the insurance industry that bashed the Clinton health care plan, scaring every dumb American they could with their lies about government health care plans run by bureaucratic bogeymen high costs and no choice.

Though not really a married couple, Harry and Louise are the actors' real names.

Now they are in their 60s and making a new set of commercials that started airing during the conventions. In the new ones, they sit around their kitchen table yet again, but now they are bemoaning the lack of affordable health care in America. By the end of the commercial they are saying that the government needs to do something about it.

Well screw you Harry and Louise. You were a part of the propaganda campaign that ruined any chance we had at a national health care plan in this country (imperfect as it was, but it was an attempt) for the last 15 years.

The idea that these two actors have the stones to appear in the new ads saying that now our government needs to do something about health insurance is sickening. What tools.

And if you watch the making of video, you can see them talk about themselves as a couple of humanitarians who are trying to make a difference, instead of the actor-whores they are.

No actors have ever been more deserving of being beaten with a stick. Except for Ashton Kutcher.

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JJisafool said...

Yeah, see, I'd totally forgive them their actor-whoreness if they didn't try and deny it.

I saw Sherman Alexie speak years ago, and he was criticizing Russell Means for going from activist to running down a hill in a loicloth, whooping. In the talkback, someone asked him about Irene Bedard, who Alexie had cast in Smoke Signals, but who had also been in Disney's horrendous Pocahantas.

Alexie said, "Irene's an actor, that's her gig, and sometimes you take on roles to pay the bills."

It's all about clarity.