Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Letting The Days Go By

Did anybody here catch the Sean Hannity interview with McCain and Palin on Wednesday? If so, could you provide a link. Until then, there's Alex Koppelman's tantalizing recap.

Elsewhere, Cindy "I Was Hooked On Pills Misappropriated From My Medical Charity Foundation" McCain is getting in on the act. Charming. Expect another wave of "Michelle Obama once said 'whitey' in college."

Should Michelle stay out of it? My vote is yes. They're punching below the belt in order to get a reaction. Then again, Michelle is awfully damn charming. At the very least, keep her clean.

Also expect to hear a steady amount of them mentioning O's middle name, along with the same lies and distortions, over and over again.

Despite voter feedback to the contrary, McCain's ad spending is now all negative, all the time; they have a base to energize.

While it is heartening to see OpEd pieces questioning their motives, calling out their anti-intellectuallism, and fighting back in general (see YouTube video below); it is not enough.

Note to media and those of us who consume it: Letting all discourse get mired down in this crap simply should not happen. Not only is there too much time left, there's far too many policy matters left unaddressed by this over-simplification of the issues, and the abuses used to proliferate this same over-simplification too grand to just let it boil down to "negative politics as usual."

Wednesday's most talked about footage on this last front details FOXNews' Sean Hannity airing of an "investigative program" called Obama & Friends: The History of Radicalism; which heavily featured the "findings" of one Andy Martin, a known anti-Semite. Fast-forward to Tuesday, after the debate, Hannity has Obama operative Robert Gibbs on the show, and, predictably, starts trying to tie Obama to William Ayers. Gibbs then masterfully turns the tables on Hannity. Take a look:


Anonymous said...

here's the ridiculous interview with hannity, mccain & palin:

part one

part two

part three

part four

Abby said...

Sat on a board with? Good lord, that's it? It took me a while to get to the specifics. Ridonkulous.

Verdant Earl said...

Hannity might be the most evil man alive this side of Dick Cheney.

OK, maybe evil is a stretch, but he certainly is an ass-clown.

I liked how Gibbs just kept talking over Hannity at the end in a nice bit of role reversal. Well, done Gibbsy!

Anonymous said...

I had to stop right after the part when Hannity jizzed all over them.

Anonymous said...

how i wasted my day and ended up feeling very sad for humanity:

why do i do this to myself? sometimes it's to tell myself i'm trying to understand different perspectives. ultimately i just end up wasting a day.

the beige one said...

Jebus, MoC, a) thanks for the links and b) all of that ghost-writing talk and there's nothing but people's assertions that it is true...Not one single bit of damning evidence...Bothersome.

Anonymous said...

i know. and poor swine has to work hard to talk me out of depressing myself with the junk. but he also taught me that in order to write well, you need to read the bad stuff too. so i'm taking notes on how infuriating it is as a reader to have someone make statements and then not back them up. :) i never got a university edumacation and only really started paying attention to the important things a few years ago so i have some catching up to do in the research, critical thinking, presentation and activism departments. but i promise i'm working hard at it. it's important.