Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is what a counter-punch looks like

I have to say, for me, Palin's recent humping of the Ayers dog has been a low point of the campaign so far. Her attempt to paint Obama with terrorist taint because of his acquaintanceship with Ayers, despite that fact Obama denounced Ayers former activities, is sickening, and frankly an attempt to tie into racist leanings that want to connect Obama to every dark-skinned, funny-named monster lurking in Joe SixPack's collective psyche.

So, here's the counter-punch, and the Obama campaign ought to go ahead and use it. David Talbot talks in Salon today about the Palins and the Alaska Independence Party. Founded by a continually-armed man whose rhetoric was incendiary to say the least and who spoke at the UN under the auspices of Iran, the AIP held Todd Palin as a member and their tactics were given the old Sarah Palin wink-and-nod when she was governor.

It is time for the Obama campaign to step things up a bit. If they want to fight a personality campaign, let's expose just how wretched, self-centered and hypocritical their personalities are.

In Al Franken's book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, he tells the story of the time Paul Wolfowitz said to him "Fuck you!" at the White House Press Dinner. And Franken concludes the book, which exposed so much Right-wing dissembling and treachery and malice, saying, and I paraphrase, "The next time an asshole like Paul Wolfowitz says 'Fuck you!,' look him in the eye and say, 'No, fuck YOU.'"

It is time to counter-punch, it is time to say to these two ruthless, lying (sons-a-)bitches, "No, fuck YOU."


Deni said...

There is no doubt that a hell of a lot of the McCain campaign has been whisprered racism, from calling him "disrespectful" (ie - uppity nigger) of Palin in one ad and putting his picture on the screen and telling you that he wants to teach your little kid how to have sex in another.

But I agree, basiacally calling him a terrorist has been the job of the fringe swift boater-types up until that point.

McCain continues to throw what little credibility he has left out the window.

Verdant Earl said...

The Obama camp NEEDS to do this!

Palin's only campaign method over the next month will be to attack Obama over flimsy shit like this.

If they don't feel that it is responsible for Barack to do it himself, they need to amp up Biden's engine and sic him on the attack dogs.

This needs to be done. Fuck turning the other cheek.