Thursday, October 9, 2008

My New Favorite Campaigners

I just read this story about a couple of guys who started a group called Rednecks For Obama.

If I had heard that name without reading the story I would have thought it was someone trying to be ironic or doing a sketch comedy show. But these guys are for real. Real gun-loving, NASCAR fan rednecks who are out there trying to convince their own kind to vote Obama.

They have a website and everything.

A group of southern, pick-up truck with a gun rack-driving, cheap beer-drinking, good ol' boys are out there working to get a black man elected President.

There may yet be hope for this country...


anna said...

hey deni, the website you share doesn't belong to tony and les. their website is rednecks 4 obama. i knew something was amiss when i clicked on your link, because i've been a fan of tony and les for a while now. when i saw that other site i thought: wow, they stepped it up a bit!

but how cool that there are two rednecks for obama websites?!

Deni said...

Thanks Anna, I changed it. I couldn't get to their site by the link in the story for some reason so I had done a google search and assumed I found the right one.

For those interested in seeing the other site that I accidentally linked to originally, it is

Anonymous said...

I think this is awesome. I wish they'd come to my town and try to convince some people around here!