Monday, October 6, 2008

The New Tone

First, there's the wholly vile and deplorable "article/column" (which will be changed to "Limbaugh-esque satire" soon enough) written by McCain Campaign chair Bobby May from Virginia.

Then there's the footage of McCain at a recent stump speech in New Mexico, where McCain, after asking "who is the real Barack Obama?" is answered "terrorist" by the crowd and follows that up with his traditional "my friends" before continuing.


Addition from JJ:

So, the PitBull, in between blaming Obama for actions of an acquaintance taken when Obama was 8 years old and muttering a subtextual "darkie" under her breath, warns Florida voters that she an McCain are going to be a rough trick the next month.

Exactly what is that going to mean? How much further can they go? They're calling a US Senator a terrorist on a regular basis, and clearly doing some covert race-baiting.

And, coming back to the whole "lay off Sarah's family" shtick, I was reminded of McCain's Clinton joke - "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father!" - and want to see Obama start taking some body shots on character, with hypocrisy at the forefront. That's what I want tonight.


Anonymous said...

Joe Klein has a good column in the Huff. Post to-day.

I am wondering this: if I'm alive for the elections in 2016, will I see the candidates go at it on the Jerry Springer Show?

JJisafool said...

I think I've decided against democracy. No more voting. Let's set up a series of tests and challenges and let all candidates compete head-to-head. On TV. With big-canned chicks in bikinis.

the beige one said...

Anyone else see Idiocracy?

JJisafool said...

I am curious how the caustic tone is going to play tonight. Will McCain keep up with it? Will Obama call him out, bring up the viciously negative campaigning?

Deni said...

Wow, that .pdf link to the latimes is one of the most vile things we've seen yet.

That wasn't actually printed in the LA Times was it?

Anonymous said...

well, keith olbermann certainly had some strong words for govnah palin...i put up the video on my blog...tonight will certainly be interesting. i'm letting swine do the multi-tasking during your live blog because i need to pay attention to one thing at a time. :)

TBO: just watched the trailer - i'm scared

Deni said...

Olbermann was great last night.

Anonymous said...

well at least there's this now:

Bobby May Dropped From Virginia Campaign Team

Anonymous said...

now all they have to do is drop Palin...and McCain.

the beige one said...

Deni, no, they just linked the PDF. I do wonder who actually printed the column and when, but yeah, that is easily the most reprehensible thing I've seen done in the name of national, presidential politics.

MOC, I recommend Idiocracy on the set up alone, overall it derails in the third act...Until then, you can see the roots of what Mike Judge was satirizing right and left.

Swine, I saw that bit last night, but thanks for bringing it back up.

And hey, sleepy, we'll get that reply up somehow someway soon.

Now to find Olbermann's special comment.