Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As Of This Writing

California's Prop 8 remained too close to call, with the count breaking at 53-47 for the proposition's passing (it would ban the legality of gay marriage in the state). Only 48% of the balloting has been counted, and the Against vote is down by 280k votes, approximately.

In Minnesota, Bachmann somehow won her race, and Al Franken was pulling even, behind by only 1200 votes (96% of the vote had been counted).

We will see what happens after everyone gets a good night's rest.

UPDATE: At 12:30AM PST, Franken had pulled ahead by a little under a thousand votes, with 98% accounted for. I wonder if he's having as much trouble sleeping as I am, though for an entirely different reason. Thinking of you, Al.

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