Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's Get Definitive

First of all, if the election proved anything, it's that the nation, at heart, is Center-Left, not Center-Right, as the monkeys on FOXNews, and elsewhere in the liberal-biased-news-media, would have you believe. Weren't they calling him a socialist as recently as a week ago? We are to take them at their word, are we not?

Secondly, it is a mandate. The days of sweeping landslides are a thing of the past. It would be impossible to rule out the possibility of it happening it again in the future; realistically speaking, we are not likely to see a president win with over 50% of the vote anytime soon. Certainly, Obama won by a larger margin than did Bush either time around, and they were making the argument for a mandate then. Tell you what, we'll adopt Keith Olbermann's term for it, and it'll be forever be known as a "neo-mandate."

Next, so long, bubbelah. Time you were neutered, and if the Reps want you so badly, go for it. We'll see how that'll play with your current supporters, assuming you have any. Besides, there isn't an example of you behaving like a Democrat during this election season, so, it's not like you weren't already gone.

The argument has been made that with Lieberman on board, Democrats would inch closer toward the filibuster-proof magic number of 60 seats in the Senate. Which is an understandable goal, but if it means swallowing the bitter pill of having Lieberman in control of some major committee, then no, it isn't worth it.

It isn't what "Rahmbo" would do...It must be admitted, there's something about the prospect of Emanuel being Obama's arm of the law that is somewhat tantalizing.

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