Tuesday, November 4, 2008

iVoted Roll Call

Voted earlier today, didn't have to wait long, and now I'm perusing the various sources for any juicy election news. Most of what's happening now is a ton of calm-before-the-storm coverage, though most news orgs will start kicking in heavy around 2p EST.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this could be a bumpy ride.

**update from momentofchoice**Obama casts his vote**


Smoooochie said...

iDidIt...mailed my ballot in well over 2 weeks ago. It's just waiting patiently to be counted. Now if I could be so patient.

the beige one said...

good luck, Smoooochie!

Deni said...

I went over at about 11:30 local time. Walked around my neighborhood to run some errands and couldn't believe the lines I saw at all the polling places. One spot went all the way out the door on 70th St, around the corner, up 1st Ave to 71st St.

anna said...

The fellow and I dropped our ballots off this weekend, right before we hit the streets to canvass. We had so many state measures, it took us a while to wade through everything. So the mister wanted to make a date of finishing our ballots.

Joe said...

Long-ass line at our polling place this morning.

My wife and I just took our son and cast our ballots. Now begins the nervous waiting.