Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ad Work: "Education"

Let's start simply. Here's the latest batch of bullshit from the McCain campaign (being steered by Rove and his minions):

Needless to say, the Obama camp came out with a refutation tout d'suite.

Here's an ad that says nothing substantive, and is clearly designed to make you say "OMFG, sex ed for kindergartners?!?! Why that incorrigible liberal negro!"

Full of lies? Check; Obama's record has many achievements on the education front.

Misleading? Check; that "sex ed" business was actually an attempt to educate children to stay away from child predators.

In effect, McCain is now saying that we shouldn't teach children to protect themselves from those who seek to molest them. Aces. This bit of logic will be left alone by the staunchly liberal, sharp-eyed and tough journalists in our midst.

Okay, but get this, those quotes from the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and Education Week? All but one actually condemns McCain more harshly on the matter of education. No, really. Look! What's more, they even attribute a quote to the wrong paper.

After the dust settles, though, what message are we left with?

McCain/Palin: Endorsed by NAMBLA


Verdant Earl said...

Unfortunately, this crap works.

My sister in-law, a conservative wingnut, argued that the only reason I support Obama is because I don't have kids. "He wants to teach sex ed in kindergarten, you know!"

I calmly tried to explain that, of course, she was mistaken. Didn't help.

This sucks.

the beige one said...

B.E., I highly encourage you to forward this entry to your sister-in-law.

She may never read it, she may not even buy it, but it'll ease your mind just a little to think of her reading that last line.