Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wipe that lipstick off, mister!

Good for you, CBS and Katie Couric. McCain's "Pig in Lipstick" campaign ad - you know, the one that created a bullshitstorm of false indignation with the specious claim that Obama was calling Palin a pig when he used a common colloqialism - has been pulled from YouTube because of a copyright claim from CBS.

The Couric clip was an especially difficult-to-swallow part of that ad, as it implied in juxtaposition that Couric was criticizing Obama for his treatment of Palin, when the clip is from months ago during the Democratic primary.

And while the countdown clock to the first issues-oriented, substantive McCain ad continues to roll, the calling of bullshit must continue. At some point, I want to see McCain publicly called out, asked a direct question, about his campaign's advertising strategy.

MediaBistro - TV Newser: McCain Ad Featuring Katie Couric Removed From YouTube


Deni said...

The media finally does something right. This in no way makes up for things like Couric's fluff piece with Condaleeza Rice on 60 Minutes...

the beige one said...

That question won't come. I'm gonna bet that the McCain camp will back away just long enough for the media to forget about the lipstick BS, and then return immediately after.

Obama needs to make sure that no one forgets.