Friday, September 12, 2008

The Road Ahead for McCain/Palin

Part of the problematic immediate future for these guys is that they can't just go from safe media haven to safe media haven between now and the election.

Occasionally, they'll have to cross over into unknown territory, else they'll be branded as the campaign too afraid to get cross-examined. Thus Palin's appearance on ABC (Sean Hannity is next, so that should be an easier time for her); and McCain's appearance on The View.

I'm sure he was hoping for a fluff session, but that isn't what he got. (From HuffPo.)


Joe said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the link. Man, I think the Bridge to Nowhere and other earmark issues need to be pounded at Palin in as many public forums as possible.

A pox on Palin, says I.

the beige one said...

Seems like the pox fairies are delivering for you, Joe.