Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Fool's Quick Hits on The Barracuda

Just a few quick thoughts on the Palin interview.

Um, we can't second-guess Israel? I heard that three times. In a row. So, they have carte blanche and we have to help out in any brawl they start? Man, that's gonna be a little hard to swallow if they propose a "final solution" to the Palestinian problem.

Wow, something so specific as Charlie's question on the Bush Doctrine stumped her*. Obfuscating, empty answer, clearly not understanding the question. And then Charlie educates her a little bit. After which he has to ask her how many times to get a real answer?

Watch for this talking point in coming days - "We must not blink." Came up in her "answer" to Charlie's Bush Doctrine question and earlier to his initial question as to whether she had any doubts on accepting the candidacy. That's no coincidence.

* - Ironically, her first response to his question was to blink.

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the beige one said...

Ended up missing this, thanks for the link.