Monday, September 8, 2008

Botched Idea

I was going to start my next entry with an analogy to inspire the left to start rallying 'round. I was planning on comparing the Democratic campaign to the opening sequence of The Warriors, where the charismatic and widely respected gang leader (Obama, natch) speaks to all the gangs in NYC (the Left, in this instance) and points out that separately, they run their turf and that's it; but if they forgot about territory and joined together, they would outnumber the cops (the Right) and run NYC (the government).

Then I remembered that a)the dude is a drug lord, and b)he gets assassinated, and yeah, that's not what I want to be associating with Obama.

Would it kill him to say "Can you dig it?" every once in a while, though?


B.E. Earl said...

If Obama is Cyrus, then Palin can be Luther. The gun-happy assassin ready to take him down.

"Liberals. Come out to play-yay!"

JJisafool said...

Yeah, uh, no, Beigey. Unless you're looking to capture the CW demographic.

Interesting idea, though. I'll think on it. The rallying cry has to be better than "For the love of God, not the Hawk and the Barracuda!"

the beige one said...

The point is, beyond the obviously goofy imagery, is that the Left needs to unite and conquer.

thelyamhound said...

I like "CAN YOU DIG IT?!?!" as a rallying cry. Think we can make T-shirts?